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 UK unprepared to deliver even this ‘gentle’ renewables target Submitted: 23 January 2008
The renewable energy industry welcomes the new 15% renewable energy target allocated to the UK in today’s European draft Renewable Energy Directive, but warned that national policies are too weak and ...
 UK Biofuels Industry calls for tough standards for sustainable biofuels Submitted: 22 January 2008
The REA, the UK trade association that represents the UK’s transport biofuels industry, has added its voice to calls for the EU to introduce tough standards for sustainable biofuels. ...
 Environmental Audit Committee’s report: Are biofuels sustainable? Submitted: 21 January 2008
Environmental Audit Committee’s report Are biofuels sustainable? ...
 The EU must follow UK’s Biofuel Example, say REA Submitted: 14 January 2008
REA Press release on the Royal Society Report - Sustainable Biofuels: prospects and challenges, published on Monday 14 January. ...
 “Out of date” Energy Bill missing ‘building blocks’ for renewables Submitted: 10 January 2008
The renewable energy industry derided the paucity of new measures in today’s badly timed Energy Bill. ...
 Natural England Presentation to the Ocean Energy Group Submitted: 7 January 2008
The role of Natural England in the marine consenting process. ...
 DCLG sets out its decentralised energy vision….but must ensure delivery through the detail Submitted: 18 December 2007
REA acknowledges the release of the Planning Policy Statement on Climate Change and hopes it will provide a positive contribution to the mass up take of renewable technologies across the country. ...
 Offshore wind announcement very welcome, but far more will be needed Submitted: 10 December 2007
The Renewable Energy Association welcomes the announcement that a Strategic Environmental Assessment of the UK’s offshore waters will commence early next year. ...
 Industry applauds Conservatives’ vision for a Decentralised Energy Revolution Submitted: 6 December 2007
Philip Wolfe, Executive Director of the Renewable Energy Association, welcomed the report. ...
 ISES David Hall Memorial Lecture Submitted: 6 December 2007
On 6th December Philip Wolfe, the REA Executive Director, presented at the 2007 David Hall Memorial Lecture to the International Solar Energy Society in London.

Download his presentation from th ...

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