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RPA launches ROC forecast with Platts, June 2002 03/03/2003 15:11:44
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The RPA has established a co-operation with Platts, a division of McGraw Hill, to generate a forward-looking value curve for Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs).
First published in Power UK Issue 100, the forecast rests upon aggregation and statistical risking of future qualifying projects coming onstream. Three scenarios are developed to broadly indicate ROC ranges and so underpin confidence in achievable power purchase contracts.
“It’s a basic tool” explains David Byers, Chief Executive of the RPA “and not meant to replace more granular analysis, including timing of ROC sales and banking/borrowing effects.” The forecast will be published regularly as a general indicator of confidence in future delivery of Renewable MW.
“At present we only look forward five years” says Byers. “To go out further, it would really help to establish a firm government commitment to targets beyond 2010” See: www.platts.com
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