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Wood Fuel Heating- Information
Submitted: 5 April 2006
This page is a summary of the information we can provide you to help you to make choices about wood fuel heating equipment.

General advice

For help with deciding which small scale renewable energy technology would be most suitable for your needs, we suggest contacting the National Energy Foundation. They can provide advice for householders as well as a consultancy service for businesses.

Finding an equipment supplier

REA member companies that provide biomass heating equipment of this type can be viewed here by searching for Biomass heating equipment. Many of them can also supply or arrange supplies of wood fuel- search for Biomass (Wood pellets/ chips)

Fuel supplies

The main options are:
  • Pellets
  • Chips
  • Logs
  • Own supply e.g. waste timber
  • NEF's Logpile project may be helpful in finding a fuel supply. Try also WRAP RecycleWood Programme However, we are also working to provide a more comprehensive source of fuel supply information.


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