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Restructure of Environmental Programmes at Ofgem
Submitted: 6 July 2007
The REA has received this statement from Cath Martindale at Ofgem:
"I want to take this opportunity to let you know about the new structure of Environmental Programmes at Ofgem. Iíve made some changes to this largely to enable us to manage more effectively the interactions between the different renewables schemes and to put in place appropriate succession planning arrangements.
The main change is that responsibility for managing the administration of all renewables and CHP schemes will now sit within the same team.
Youíll see some staffing changes in the team as a result of this review. Arthur Cooke will be leaving Ofgem shortly on retirement. And, at the end of this month, Richard Clay will move to a new role in Ofgemís Networks division. Building on his experience of renewables and networks issues, he will be working on a number of projects including connecting the Scottish islands to the transmission system and implementing a regulatory regime for offshore transmission.
Iím working hard to manage the transition to the new structure. A priority is to fill the vacancies in the team. The team leader post is currently being advertised on our website (see below). An advert for this also appeared in yesterdayís Guardian."


Cath Martindale

A diagram showing the new structure can be found below and the Ofgem job vacancy can be found on the jobs section of this site.

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Structure of Environmental Programmes Ofgem
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