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Disappointment for the Renewable Energy Industry
Submitted: 10 October 2007
REA comment on the Pre-Budget Report
The Renewable Energy Association expressed its disappointment with the Pre-Budget report published yesterday.

“The proposal to delay the increase of business rates on companies that install micro-generation equipment is derisory,”

said Gaynor Hartnell, Head of Renewable Power at the REA.

“Many businesses are looking to install renewable energy equipment to offset their energy purchases. However, companies that follow this route are likely to install equipment well over the size threshold for micro-generation. Micro-generation refers to equipment that is less than 50kW in size – far too small for the majority of on-site commercial applications. Government needs to act to correct an anomaly regarding business rates and on-site renewables. A precedent was set when it exempted Combined Heat and Power equipment from business rates in 2001. The same should be done for renewables, and soon.”

The REA is also disappointed that the Government has decided not to bother with Enhanced Capital Allowances for biofuels manufacturing facilities. Clare Wenner, Head of Transport Bio-Fuels said,

“We welcome the laying of the Renewables Transport Fuels Order, although we do need to see more of the detail”

Please follow the link for the full Pre-Budget Report

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