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Offshore wind announcement very welcome, but far more will be needed
Submitted: 10 December 2007
The Renewable Energy Association welcomes the announcement that a Strategic Environmental Assessment of the UKs offshore waters will commence early next year.
The draft plan was published today for consultation. The objective is to offer licences to develop some 25GW of offshore wind energy, so that it can help towards our new 2020 renewable energy target. Gaynor Hartnell, Deputy Director of the REA, said;

We dont yet know what the UKs new target will be, but anticipate well have to meet around 15% of our total energy needs from renewables. So far, weve only had renewable electricity targets, whereas the 2020 target will be expressed as a percentage of total energy. There is a big difference. This means using less gas, and meeting more of our heating needs with renewables such as biomass [2], solar and ground source heat [3]. And we must replace up to 10% of our petrol and diesel consumption with biofuels. This will require a concerted effort to reduce energy consumption, as well convert to renewables.
Offshore wind can take us a long way but it can never be the whole solution.

See the full REA Press Release below.

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