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RPA event on Technical Changes to the Renewables Obligation
Submitted: 22 July 2003
With a novel and complex piece of legislation like the Renewables Obligation (RO) a few teething problems were always anticipated. Government intended from the outset to undertake a “technical review”, a year after the Obligation came into force, to check that it was working as envisaged.

The DTI consultation document, due at the end of July, is expected to suggest some 20 “technical changes” to the RO. Many will be minor “tidying up” of the wording. Some are expected to make it work better for small generators. The White paper intended that this revision would also look at possible changes of the biomass co-firing rules.

At this seminar the DTI will introduce the proposals made in its consultation document. The industry will then discuss and debate the major measures.

Click on link below to download the flyer.

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