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RPA response to Ofgem consultation on 28 day rule
Submitted: 13 February 2004
Under the terms of the trial, we would expect a range of "hybrid" energy efficiency and micro renewables packages to be encouraged and tested: e.g. a combination of energy efficiency and PV, or energy efficiency and micro wind.

The RPA believes strongly that on-site renewables and encouraging greater energy efficiency are two sides of the same coin. The link between on-site micro renewables and stimulated energy efficiency gains has been tested in other markets, but the two year trial provides a timely opportunity to demonstrate these linkages here in the UK.

We would also envisage more innovative trials to include a finance element e.g. preferential loan rates or even new financial packages linked to home mortgages or insurance products. Suppliers and finance companies are already expressing an active interest in developing these types of products, and indeed, there are already a handful emerging in the marketplace. We would therefore urge Ofgem strongly to take this opportunity to encourage their market development during the two year trial.

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