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 22 April 03. RPA responds to The Mayor
The RPA's newly formed Solar Resource Group held its first meeting on 10th April.

Follow the link below to the Group's response to The Mayor's Draft Energy Strategy. The link to the strategy itself can also be found below.

 List of consultations the RPA has responded to (as of 10th April 2003)
The RPA has responded to over 30 consultations and provided evidence for five Select Committees since it was formed in the summer of 1991.

The document below lists them.

 RPA response to Environment Agency Landfill Gas Treatment Technologies
The Enviornmnet Agency recently published a suite of consultation documents
  • Guidance on the Management of Landfill Gas
  • Guidance for monitoring trace components in landfill gas
  • Guidance for monitoring landfill gas engines
  • Guidance on gas treamtent technologies for landfill gas engines
  • Guidance for Monitoring Enclosed Landfill Gas Flares

Follow link below to a letter sent to the EA, after the consultation excercise closed, on the subject of gas treatment technologies.

Responses to the first three documents can be found elsewhere on the RPA site.

 4th April 03. RPA sends in evidence on Energy Crops to Select Committee
Follow link below to the evidence RPA will be sending in to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee, in response to its inquiry on ALTERNATIVE CROPS (BIOFUELS).

See also the link to the Committee's terms of reference.

 28/3/03 RPA response to consultation on Transmission losses in a GB electricity market
In principle the Renewable Power Association is in favour of cost-reflective pricing and it therefore believes zonal transmission loss pricing is appropriate for GB.

With respect to the Renewables Directive we believe that truly cost-reflective charging should not be considered to be discriminatory to remote renewables.

To read the RPA response, click the link below.

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