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Distributed / Embedded Generation  
The electricity supply network in the UK is tailored to deliver power flows from large fossil and nuclear plant, down through progressively lower voltage levels to reach business and domestic customers.
The vast majority of renewable power plants are small in comparison with conventional plant and they are connected to the lower voltage distribution grid rather than the high voltage transmission grid. The term for this form of generation is “embedded” or “distributed generation”.
There is a great deal of work going on to modify the UK Electricity Distribution and Transmission networks to accommodate the increased amount of embedded generation required to meet the Government's Renewables and CHP targets.

The Renewables and CHP community is represented on a working group by Guy Nicholson of Econnect and Stephen Andrews of ILEX Energy Consulting.

The RPA and CHPA run quarterly workshops to disseminate information on the work. The first was held on 27th June. The next will take place on 4th November.

Photograph Kim Wallis, Sales Co-ordinator, Econnect Limited,
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