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Water (Hydro, Tidal, Wave)  
Hydro power is produced when the kinetic energy of flowing water, is converted into electricity by a turbine connected to an electricity generator.
Hydropower can be exploited at various different scales. Large-scale is typically taken to mean more than 20 MW of grid-connected generating capacity and is usually associated with a dam and a storage reservoir. There are many large schemes in Scotland, which were built during the 1950’s. The potential for identifying new large-scale schemes is now more limited, not only because there are fewer commercially attractive sites still available, but also because of environmental constraints.
Schemes of less than 20 MW now offer a greater opportunity for providing a reliable, flexible, and cost-competitive power source with minimal environmental impacts. These small-scale schemes are making an increasing contribution towards new renewable energy installations in many regions of the world, especially in rural or remote regions where other conventional sources of power are less readily available. Small scale schemes can be associated with a dam and storage reservoir or can be located in a moving stream (“run of river”).

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