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How to Join

Who should join?

Any individual or company wishing to see the UK renewable energy industry grow is welcome to join the RPA. Membership includes:

  • generators and project developers in all the renewable energy technologies
  • equipment manufacturers and suppliers
  • electricity supply companies and traders
  • consultants
  • financial advisers
  • lawyers
  • academics
  • and supportive individuals.

Please fill out the form below, online. Please feel free to contact the RPA for clarification or further details.

How to Join
Type Subscription fee Membership year runs February 2003 to January 2004
£137.50 £550 £1,375 £1,650 £2,200 £3,300 £4,400 £6,600
Small Corporate (Sales < £4m)              
Large Corporate (Sales > £4m)              
Project Developers              
Micro Genco (< 1MW dnc)              
Small Genco (1 - 5MW dnc)              
Medium Genco (5-50MW dnc)              
Large Genco (> 50MW dnc)              
Join Online
Please enter your details in the fields provided below. Fields marked with an asterix are mandatory.
* Membership type
* Company name
* Street
* Address line 1
* Address line 2
* Address line 3
* Post / Zip code
* Country
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* Contact title
* Contact first name
* Contact surname
  Contact email
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