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The RPA Services


The RPA focuses upon the following activities:

 Promotion & Marketing

The RPA will seek to promote the benefits of renewable energy and the achievements of the UK renewable energy industry, by:

  • Liasing closely with the technology-specific trade associations, working to enhance their ability to promote their members interests by adding the producer-specific viewpoint and sharing resources on producer-related issues across all technologies.
  • Encouraging greater use by Government of operating demonstration plants, as tools to educate the public and politicians.
  • Operating a web-site showcasing UK renewables.

The RPA will market the capabilities of the UK renewable energy industry, by:

  • Acting as a clearing house, library and disseminator of analysed information
  • Working with Government on encouraging renewables exports.
  • Helping coordinate the UK renewable energy industry's presence at UK & international renewable energy trade fairs and conferences.

 Policy Development & Lobbying

The RPA's activities in policy development will focus on adding the viewpoint of the producer of renewable energy to debates and consultations on issues which are common to all renewables technologies. Examples of audiences and issues on which RPA will initially concentrate its lobbying include:

  • DTI on generator issues such as the Renewables Obligation, NETA etc.
  • DEFRA on climate change and emissions savings.
  • EU on the draft renewables directive.
  • NGOs on the practical delivery of renewable energy capacity.
  • The RPA will respond to appropriate government consultations, such as the forthcoming White Paper.
  • OPDM on regional issues and planning
  • OFGEM on environmental aspects of regulatory policy, including NETA

 Services to Members

These will include:

  • Specific training opportunities relevant to sectors
  • Informal networking opportunities.
  • Seminars & conferences, covering issues of interest to generators.
  • Work on generator-related issues covering all renewables technologies (in co-operation with other associations where appropriate).

 Corporate Philosophy

The RPA will adhere to the following principles:

  • The RPA will not claim to represent anyone without their authority.
  • The RPA will seek to work closely with the existing trade associations.
  • The RPA will publish its official proceedings on the internet.
  • The RPA's activities will be subject to the scrutiny of its members at all times.
  • Where ambiguity and divided opinion exists amongst members, the RPA shall publcih both majority and minority opinions, explaining the reasons

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