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About the RPA

 Mission statement

The RPA's mission is:

  • To promote the UK renewable energy industry by representing the interests and viewpoint of producers of renewable energy, to UK, European and international governments and authorities, the public, NGOs and the media,
  • by working with all who are interested in the industry's growth, and
  • by providing appropriate services to its members.

 Who we are

The Renewable Power Association is a trade association representing producers of renewable energy. It is pan-technology its members are involved in all forms of renewable energy, including biomass, wind energy, solar, biogas, energy-from-waste, landfill gas, hydropower, wave, tidal stream and sewage gas. Its membership also includes producers of heat and biofuels and those working in the field of hydrogen, fuel cells and recovery of waste heat, which, when combined with renewables, have the potential to offer a totally sustainable package. Legal, accounting and energy trading businesses are also represented.

The RPA was launched in October 2001, and has grown rapidly to now exceed 120 members. Its members account for almost 70% of the new renewable energy capacity currently installed in the UK.

The RPA has a board of directors is representative of the wide range of interests in the Association.

 RPA Policy Committee

The RPA has a Policy Committe, Chaired by Peter Prior. The Committee recently announced its top six longer term priorities.

  • The nuclear debate
  • The Committee agreed that the focus should be looking to the future and comparing what a new nuclear programme would cost with what renewables could deliver for the equivalent amount of money.

  • Policy measures to bring diversity
  • At present the Renewables Obligation does not provide enough incentive for certain sources. New onshore wind, landfill gas and refurbished hydro projects are coming forward, but biomass schemes are finding it particularly difficult. Once wave and tidal technology has been successfully demonstrated, these sources too will need a greater incentive than the Renewables Obligation currently provides. The RPA is working on a range of measures to bring greater diversity to UK renewable energy development.

  • Infrastructure issues
  • Encompassing major infrastructure and reinforcement costs and who should pay for them, along with connection issues and embedded generation benefits is a major issue to be addressed.

  • Moving towards longer-term policy measures to internalise external costs
  • This covers the long-term transition from dedicated policies such as the Renewables Obligation to Carbon Tax / Emissions trading mechanisms. NB this does not imply this move should be sooner rather than later!

  • The medium longer term strategic role and contribution from renewables
  • Planning
  • see below

       RPA Planning Committee

      The RPA planning committee has produced several pieces of output, see the lobbying section of the website.

      RPA Contact details

      Renewable Power Association
      6th Floor,
      30 Millbank,
      SW1P 4RD.

      Tel: 020 7963 5852
      Fax: 020 7963 5921

       What we are

      The RPA is a company limited by guarantee, registering as a not for profit agency. Articles of Association can be provided on request. The RPA is funded from member contributions with other income established from services and consultancy. Regular Board Meetings have open session to provide for member forums and non-member observation of our activities.

      RPA Contact details

      Renewable Power Association
      6th Floor,
      30 Millbank,
      SW1P 4RD.

      Tel: 020 7963 5852
      Fax: 020 7963 5921

      Fionnuala Mercouris, Business Services Manager fmercouris@www.r-p-a.org.uk [44] (0)20 7963 5852
      Philip Wolfe, CEO pwolfe@www.r-p-a.org.uk [44] (0)20 7963 5928
      Gaynor Hartnell, Director of Policy ghartnell@www.r-p-a.org.uk [44] (0)20 7963 5927
      Peter Edwards, Chairman peter@windelectric.co.uk [44] (0)1840 214100

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