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RPA response to Ofgem Distribution Charging Consultation 18/12/2002 15:15:10
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This consultation closed on 6th December 2002. Extract below. Click file below for full response.

In summary the RPA wishes to see:

  • Shallow connection charging coupled with a use of system charge for entry onto the distribution network. The use of system charges should be sophisticated enough to deliver locational signals (having the effect of encouraging connection in demand-rich areas and discouraging it in demand-poor areas). The entry charge should be based on capacity and could be either positive or negative.
  • Generators must have clear and cost-reflective charges which avoid distortions in choice of siting and connection voltage. The charges need to be stable and predictable.
  • The total cost to embedded generators of the combined shallow connection charge and entry charge should be lower over the expected lifetime of the project than that of a deep connection.
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