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Renewable Energy Looks Forward to Next Generation 03/06/2003 12:54:41
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Renewable Energy Looks Forward to Next Generation

The Renewable Power Association is establishing new technology groups to foster the development and commercialisation of next generation renewable energy sources.

Chief Executive Philip Wolfe said: “We have had groups active in the more mature renewable technologies, such as biogas and biomass, for some time, but the growth of these new technologies has really accelerated. Our Renewables Routemap, published last week, shows that resources like ocean and solar power are so abundant, that they will become very large contributors to UK energy during the next few decades. The ocean and solar groups are a step forward in ensuring that the potential of these energy sources is realised.”

The RPA’s Ocean Energy Group (OEG) held its second meeting at the start of the All-Energy conference and exhibition in Aberdeen last week. The OEG has been established at a time of very rapid growth for the so-called ‘wet’ technologies. Several highly innovative designs of wave and tidal generator have recently proved themselves in trials and are now scaling up to full size demonstration units being installed around the coast of the UK.

The OEG established a committee under the chairmanship of Dr Tony Trapp of The Engineering Business, who said:

“British engineering is well placed to lead in the development of these devices and this will also offer substantial export opportunities. The OEG will co-operate with other organisations to advance the interests of all involved in developing a successful ocean energy industry.”

The RPA has also established a Solar Resource Group focussed on the development of the photovoltaics industry, which met in London this week.

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