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Ocean Energy Group Appointments
Submitted: 19 October 2004
The RPA’s Ocean Energy Group (OEG) has been strengthened by the appointment of a new chairman, Martin Wright of Marine Current Turbines, and of John Griffiths as executive policy manager. John is well known to the marine renewables industry in which he has a long and distinguished involvement and takes over from Ken Hulls, who has gone overseas for several months.
The enhanced role of the OEG was driven by the leading wave and tidal power developers, who had spent several months considering how the industry should best be represented, with support from leading MPs including ex Energy Minister Brian Wilson. They concluded that the Renewable Power Association, with its structure of discrete ‘resource groups’ such as the OEG, would provide the necessary voice for the sector, while also being able to focus on technology-specific issues.
At the top of the OEG’s agenda is work with the Government to make best use of the £50m fund, announced in August. The RPA has been working with other interested parties to be able to provide a coherent approach on behalf of the industry. The RPA convened a meeting with DTI and treasury, at which OEG, BWEA and SRF representatives gave a joint presentation on Marine Renewables Deployment and the role of revenue based support. Further information on this presentation and the related documents is on the RPA website.
The OEG has also been active, feeding in its views in preparation for a consultation on demonstrator projects, expected to be issued by DTI within the next few weeks. DTI has asked for more feedback on device developers views on how the expect development to pan out over the next decade or so, in the context of when wave and tidal tendering Rounds might need to be undertaken.

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