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WATTS 2005- Registration now open!
Submitted: 25 May 2005
The RPA is pleased to announce that the Wave and Tidal Technology Symposium (WATTS) is going to take place on 25 May 2005. The one day event will be held alongside the All-Energy 2005 Conference and Exhibition in the Aberdeen Exhibition Centre.

An impressive programme includes speakers from the industry, Government, the City and environmental groups, with an introduction by Stephen Salter. The DTI should be able to give an update on their 50m marine development fund, on which the consultation has recently closed. Site consenting issues, also currently under stakeholder review, will be addressed by Crown Estates.

Programme and Registration Form

The Programme and Registration Form for WATTS 2005 can be found in the attachment at the bottom of the page.

The Next Big Thing

Ocean renewables - wave and tidal power - have certainly captured the imagination in recent years. Technological development is advancing at breathtaking pace, and several full-scale prototypes are now starting to clock up the megawatt hours.

The sector still has many hurdles to overcome, however, before it is ready to shoulder the burden of expectation placed on it by the demand for greater diversity in renewable sources.

This third Wave and Tidal Technologies Symposium looks at the issues relevant to each phase in the development of the ocean energy sector, with presentations by key practitioners of the industry and other stakeholders who are shaping the growth and future of this vital new renewable energy source.

Who should attend?

You will not want to miss it if you have any interest in the marine renewables sector whether as a device developer, energy producer, investor, project developer or any other informed expert wanting to track how this exciting sector is progressing.

WATTS 2005 takes place within the All-Energy 2005 event at Aberdeen. At no additional cost, participants can also attend the renewable energy exhibition and a wide-ranging conference, including session on offshore wind power and financing.

What does it cost?

The cost of this programme for non-members is 100.00 plus VAT

Discounted rate for RPA members and WREC participants: 55.00 plus VAT

Exhibiting at All-Energy 2005?

The RPA has reserved 96m2 in one of the best spots within the exhibition for the RPA Members Pavilion. There is currently one space remaining on the pavilion and we would therefore like to invite RPA members to exhibit within the RPA Pavilion and make the most of this fantastic location.

Please see the attached floorplan below for the exact location of the RPA Pavilion, which is directly opposite the main exhibition entrance and the entrance to the conference theatres where the Plenary sessions, WATTS and WREC 2005 are being held.

Please contact Lucy Powell for further information including the discounted exhibition rates (Tel: 020 7747 1841).

Further Information

If you have any questions or comments regarding the event, please contact Lucy Powell, the RPA Events Coordinator, on Tel: 020 7747 1841 or by Email

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All energy floorplan showing the RPA Pavillion

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WATTS Programme and Registration Form
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