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CCLRC reports potential carbon savings from small wind turbines
Submitted: 5 December 2005
The REA has welcomed the CCLRC's recent report on "The Feasibility of Building Mounted/Integrated Wind Turbines (BUWTs): Achieving their potential for carbon emission reductions." The Report concludes that small/micro wind can deliver over 2 million tonnes of CO2 emission reductions per annum in the domestic sector alone by 2020.
The report also sets out the challenges yet to be overcome to ensure the technology delivers this potential by 2020, including the need for further urgent research into urban wind regimes, and ensuring that urban BUWTs are more robust than their rural counterparts.

It is disappointing however to see this Carbon Trust supported study comment unfavourably on solar PV, a complementary building integrated zero carbon technology with huge potential in the UK.

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