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Government Risks Pre-empting Energy Review
Submitted: 18 May 2006
The renewables industry is concerned that the Prime Minister's comments on energy options will polarise the debate and marginalise the high priority energy options, which Government should be pursuing.
"He has made these comments when the Government's own Energy Review has had barely a month to consider a mountain of submissions on these issues. This early announcement makes it look like a smokescreen behind which to ditch the farsighted vision set out in the 2003 Energy White Paper" said Philip Wolfe, Chief Executive of the Renewable Energy Association.
"A coherent national energy policy needs to look beyond electricity and address also the two-thirds of our energy devoted to heat and transport. It should plan to exploit the efficiencies of decentralised generation and set firm policies for energy conservation and renewables to minimise any energy gap. These should not be sidelined in favour of a na´ve 'easy fix' for a perceived shortage in centralised electricity generation.
"We shall be looking to the Energy Review to convert all the rhetoric about energy efficiency and renewables into firm measures," he concluded, "rather than undermine the accelerated renewable growth, which industry has achieved to support the Government's energy policy."

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