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Government sees the light on Renewables
Submitted: 11 July 2006
Renewable Energy Association Chief Executive, Philip Wolfe, welcomed the Energy Review’s strong endorsement of more widespread use of renewables with the extension of the renewable electricity target to 20% by 2020 and an increase in the biofuels target to 10%. But he called on the Government to back it up with effective policy measures:
“The Energy Review supports what we and many others have been consistently saying – that renewables, energy efficiency and decentralised systems are the strongest prospects for secure and sustainable energy supplies. We now need stable policy incentives to bring in the investment needed to move the UK out of the bottom division of renewable energy delivery”.

“Firstly we need to fill some obvious gaps, most notably in the heat market where Government has no effective incentives for renewable heat and combined heat and power”, says Mr. Wolfe.

“We need better support for new clean energy technologies, particularly offshore wind, biomass, solar and marine renewables. This must not destabilise the established market for biogas and onshore wind, so the REA believes this may be better done through transitional revenue support.

“We are pleased to see Government seems to be taking up our suggestion on streamlining the planning process”, said Mr Wolfe. “They also need to set a framework to guarantee connections to the transmission network”.

“Government has seen the light on renewable energy – but we still need to plug it in and switch it on”.

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