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Croydon Council Scores 100 Not Out on Renewable Energy
Submitted: 2 August 2006
The REA today welcomed news that Croydon Borough Council has approved more than 100 new developments with on site renewable energy generation.
111 renewable energy projects have now been approved as a direct result of Croydon's planning policy. This requires all major new developments in the borough to reduce CO2 emissions through the use of on site renewable energy systems.

Speaking at the solarcentury Policy to Practice planning seminar at the GLA City Hall on 26th July, Eddy Taylor of Croydon Council told an audience of developers, planners, and architects that "developers are working with us to deliver the 10% requirement and are often surprised at how easy it is to achieve. On a new housing estate for example, it is often unnecessary to install a micro renewable system on every dwelling in order to achieve the estate's overall 10% target."

Seb Berry head of micro-renewables for the REA said, "Croydon's success demonstrates the practical potential of planning policy to deliver big increases in the uptake of micro renewables. It's a key policy driver for the development of our industry and one we'd like to see rolled out in every borough."

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