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IEA Bioenergy: International Collaboration in Bioenergy
Submitted: 11 September 2006
IEA Bioenergy is an organisation set up in 1978 by the International Energy Agency (IEA) with the aim of improving cooperation and information exchange between countries that have national programmes in bioenergy research, development and deployment.
The project is divided into numerous different Tasks. Currently these run from Task 29 to Task 41. Listed below are the different 'tasks', with a short description and weblinks for more information. We are listing this information here to promote awareness of these projects, to REA members and other interested parties.

Task 29-Socio-economic drivers in implementing bioenergy projects
UK representative- , TV Energy

Task 30-Short Rotation Crops
Keith Richards, TV Energy

Task 31-Biomass from sustainable forestry
UK Rep- , Forestry Commission

Task 32-Biomass combustion and cofiring
UK rep- William Livingston, Mitsui Babcock

Task 33-Thermal gasification of biomass
UK rep- - Future Energy Solutions

Task 34-Pyrolysis of biomass
UK Rep- , Aston University

(Task 35 is inactive)

Task 36-Energy from waste
UK rep- , AEA Technology

Task 37- Energy from biogas and landfil gas
UK rep- Organic Power Ltd

    Main Task 37 objectives over next 3 years:
  • Exchange and dissemination of information on biogas production and energy utilisation, particularly biomethane as a vehicle fuel
  • Promotion of anaerobic digestion plants
  • Stimulation of interaction between R&D programmes, industry and decision makers

Task 38-Greenhouse gas balances of biomass and bioenergy systems
No UK rep. Team Leader- Austrian Institute of Energy Research

Task 39- Liquid biofuels from biomass
UK reps- DTI & British Sugar

Task 40- Sustainable international bioenergy trade- Download Summary
UK rep- , Imperial College London

Task 41 (website not available)

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