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Recent announcements on the Low Carbon Buildings Programme
Submitted: 15 December 2006
The following is part of a message the REA sent to its members, regarding the Low Carbon Buildings Programme. Any installer who wishes to know more, may want to contact the REA office for an update.
Thank you to those of you have contacted the Association to express your concern over the combined effect of monthly rationing of the Household stream of Phase I of the LCBP, the introduction of Phase II, and specifically the surprise decision by DTI that from February 1st 2007 community projects will only be eligible under Phase II of the LCBP. We are also clearly aware of the further complication, with applicants for unclaimed MDP funds being encouraged to re-submit their application to the LCBP only to face the same constraint with respect to public sector clients.

The Association has argued consistently, both privately and publicly, for a step change in DTI support for the LCBP and we continue to do so. We need to ensure for example that domestic LCBP grants do not now end in summer 2008. We expressed concerns about the operation of Phase II of the programme from the very beginning, arguing for a proportion of the Chancellorís £50 million funding to be allocated to Phase I.

The Association will be following up the issue of the re-direction of public sector applicants to Phase II. We have communicated our concerns to senior DTI officials over the implications of the decisions being made and their impacts on membersí business.

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