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REA and BWEA send in joint response to Renewables Obligation consultation
Submitted: 5 January 2007
We applaud Government’s intention to increase the volume and diversity of renewable electricity delivered to the UK grid.

Our preference would be to promote diversity through mechanisms outside the RO, but we recognise Government’s strong desire to provide this benefit through reforming the system. Our response to this consultation thus attempts to work with the proposals in order to secure the maximum delivery, despite some substantive reservations about the reforms as described in the consultation document.

To read the full submission, click on the link below.

The REA has also, along with other Trade Associations produced a 3 page Joint Statement, also to be found below.

 Associated File(s)
The REA-BWEA Response
070105ROJointResponseFinal(2).pdf Download Acrobat ReaderDownload Acrobat Reader 
The UKBSCE, AEP, BWEA, Micropower Council, REA and SRF Joint statement
RO_Joint_Statement_Jan_2007.pdf Download Acrobat ReaderDownload Acrobat Reader 

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