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Proposals to cut planning red tape a potential boost for renewables
Submitted: 4 April 2007
The Department of Communities and Local Government, headed by Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly, today launched a consultation paper recommending changes in planning procedures to encourage the up-take of microgeneration.
The paper proposes that in future people seeking to install renewable technology in their homes will no longer need to apply for planning permission where it is clear there is little or no impact on neighboring properties.
Responding to the encouragement offered by the consultation Graham Meeks, Head of Fuels and Heat, of the REA commented,
“Tackling climate change is everyone’s responsibility, and that includes planning authorities. As a society we should no longer tolerate the situation where an outdated planning framework is out of step with the challenges we face in cutting carbon emissions, even in some cases acting as a barrier to change. The proposals announced today are one step further forward in ensuring that government at all levels, from national to local level, supports the actions of those homeowners and businesses that are investing their own money and energy in preventing climate change.”

Today’s announcement by DCLG was made following the passage into law of the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Act 2006. Section 10 of the Act requires the government to review the system of permitted development with a view to facilitating the greater uptake of microgeneration, form a view on necessary changes, and implement those changes.

The consultation period is 4 April 2007 to 27 June 2007 and requires responses to be submitted by 25 June 2007.

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