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Renewables Industry Dismay at Government Deceit
Submitted: 13 August 2007
The renewable energy industry reacted angrily to today’s revelation in the Guardian that the government have been trying to ‘wriggle’ out of binding EU renewables targets, adopted enthusiastically in March by then Prime Minister Tony Blair.
The Renewable Energy Association’s Philip Wolfe said,

“The government should be applying itself to finding the best way of meeting this ambitious target. It is lamentable if we are instead investing our intellectual capital in statistical gymnastics to welch on our commitments”.
He added, “The UK claim to climate leadership is based on pretty shaky foundations. In terms of renewable energy only Luxembourg does worse in Europe than the UK. The reality is that we are the laggards, despite having the continent’s best resources of wind, wave and tidal energy. For a rich country that claims international leadership it’s a truly shameful situation. I trust that ministers are instructing their officials to throw this paper out and start again in a more constructive frame of mind.”

The Renewable Energy Association has already shown how the 2020 target for 20% of total energy from renewables is achievable in the UK. Germany has achieved an increase of 8% renewables in just over a decade. Most European countries have adopted provisions of the EU Renewables Directive to give priority grid access to renewable energy. The REA has recently written to the EU complaining about the UK failure to adopt the provisions of this Directive.
The REA believes far more can be done to promote renewable energy technologies in the UK and has published a routemap for achieving a 20% contribution to total energy by 2020.
Follow the links for the Guardian online news story and Channel 4 news report which featured comment from REA’s Philip Wolfe and other industry figures.

Please see below for the REA Press Release and the letter the REA has written jointly to the Prime Minister with the Directors of Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, WWF UK and others seeking assurances that a positive and proactive approach will be adopted.

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Joint Letter to PM
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Press Release
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