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Renewable Heating & Cooling Congress 2007
Submitted: 20 November 2007
Overcoming Policy Uncertainty; Investment in Technology & Infrastructure; Optimising Built Environment Adoption to Accelerate Sustainable Development in Solar, Bio, Geothermal markets
With insights from over 35 leading industry experts, the inaugural Renewable Heating & Cooling Congress will bring together experts, decision and policy makers from around the world to discuss the market acceleration of renewable heating and cooling technologies.

For the first time the thoughts of policy makers and leading experts in geothermal, solar, & biomass will be both challenged and complemented by leading professional groups such as Property Investment companies, Building Owners, Constructions companies and acclaimed Architects.

Supported by the REA

To receive a copy of the agenda please email - or follow the link below

Renewable Heating & Cooling Congress 2007, 20th & 21st November 2007 - Brussels

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