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REA welcomes Tory Energy Announcements
Submitted: 3 October 2007
The REA welcomed Peter Ainsorth's new energy policy announced at the Conservative Party Conference in Blackpool.
Responding to Peter Ainsworth's new energy policy announcements today, CEO Philip Wolfe said;

"Peter Ainsworth is right that 'it is time to stop tinkering'. For small-scale renewables and CHP his proposals could be exactly the kind of bold break-though policy framework needed. We see no reason why feed-in tariffs couldn't work for emerging technologies, such as wave and tidal power, alongside the RO.

However, it is not clear what the Conservative's are offering large-scale renewables. Biomass and offshore wind get no mention. Offshore wind alone can deliver over 10 times current electricity consumption - the Conservative's must apply the same boldness to large scale renewables if they want to deliver a truly credible and proportionate response to climate change and energy security. And they must not undermine the progress made by onshore wind.

The UK is almost at the bottom of EU renewables league table. The UK desperately needs a step change in support for the full spectrum of British renewables."

Read the REA Press Release below.

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REA Press Release on Tory Energy Proposals
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