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Ofgem shows its true colours
Submitted: 5 November 2007
The electricity regulator, Ofgem, does not share the Sustainable Development Commission’s view that its remit must change.
It could have acknowledged that it can’t oversee the transition to a more sustainable energy system because of the constraints of its narrow remit, and called on Government to do something about it. Instead it tries to defend itself.

In a statement published on Friday last week [1] Ofgem argues that it is satisfactorily addressing sustainability within the framework of its current statutory duties. It goes through each of the SDC’s recommendations in an attempt to justify this conclusion.

“The REA feels that Ofgem’s statutory duties must be amended to make facilitation of the Government’s environmental targets an overriding objective,”
said Gaynor Hartnell, Head of Renewable Power.
“Nor do we agree with some of the detail. For example, the Commission recommends Ofgem ensures that any proposals to change transmission charges don’t disadvantage generators connected to the distribution network. But Ofgem favours doing just that. It would like to see a gross charging regime. This would be a very unfair way of charging renewable generators. It would make connecting to a distribution network as appealing as buying a ticket for the whole train journey, when only boarding at the penultimate station.”
Please follow the links below for the REA response to the Transmission Access Review consultation.

Also please find links to Ofgem's response to the Sustainable Development Commission (SDC) report and Ofgem's own Sustainable Development Report.

The REA press release can be found below.

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REA Press Release on Ofgem's response to the SDC report
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