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REA response to the Greenpeace report “Cooking the Climate”
Submitted: 8 November 2007
The REA welcomes the Greenpeace report “Cooking the Climate” as a timely reminder of the dangers of destroying ancient peatlands which can exacerbate climate change rather than provide much-needed solutions to global warming.
Representing the UK biofuels industry, the REA has worked closely with all stakeholders, including the environmental groups, to draw up the carbon and sustainability scheme that will accompany the Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation when it comes into effect in April 2008. From that date companies subject to the Obligation will have to report on the sources of all the biofuels they sell in the UK against strict environmental principles. These include an undertaking that the production of biofuel feedstocks “will not destroy or damage large above or below ground carbon stocks”. In addition the carbon intensity of biofuels sold in the UK will have to be reported, and this will include the carbon impact of any land use change, such as the conversion of forest or peatlands for the production for biofuel feedstocks.
The REA believes that the UK Government has taken the right steps to ensure that biofuels sold in the UK do not produce the environmental disaster that some predict. However, the UK biofuels industry cannot be held to account for all the production of palm oil. Biodiesel accounts for only 3.5% of palm oil use and it would be right for all palm oil users to take the responsible line that the UK biofuels industry is pursuing. In addition, it is for Governments and the international community to ensure that local laws are respected or strengthened where necessary.

Finally, the REA has called for a parallel carbon and sustainability scheme to be introduced across the EU when the European Commission brings forward its proposals for a Renewable Energy Directive in the New Year.

Please follow the links below to the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligations Order 2007, the REA Response to the Department for Transport Consultation on Carbon and Sustainability reporting under the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) and the Greenpeace report 'Cooking the Climate'

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