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World Ethanol Industry Speaks Out
Submitted: 8 November 2007
World Ethanol Industry Speaks Out: Ethanol Key to Energy Security, Environmental Future - Joint statement by the EU, USA, Canada and Brazil ethanol associations.
In conjunction with F.O. LICHT´S World Ethanol 2007 conference being held in Amsterdam, leaders of the world’s largest ethanol production and trade associations issued an unprecedented joint statement on the necessity of developing a robust and vibrant renewable biofuels industry around the globe.
The statement was issued jointly by:
  • Gordon Quaiattini, President, Canadian Renewable Fuels Association, Canada
  • Robert Vierhout, Secretary General, European Bioethanol Fuel Association (eBIO), European Union
  • Bob Dinneen, President, Renewable Fuels Association (RFA), United States
  • Marcos Jank, President, Sugar Cane Industry Association (UNICA), Brazil
Please view the full statement below.

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Joint statement by the EU, USA, Canada and Brazil ethanol associations
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