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RPA launches Second Annual Conference, 22-23 October 2003
Submitted: 10 July 2003
"Senior level speakers, audience participation and focus on issues not waffle", says Chief Executive Philip Wolfe, "and the most comprehensive free exhibitions in the sector, all under one roof". The Renewable Power Association announces its 2nd annual conference for 22-23 October, 2003 at the Olympia Venue in London. As at the stunningly successful 2002 event, which attracted some 3500 participants, the organisation of the conference and exhibitions is conducted in a joint venture with IIR Exhibitions Ltd. The 2003 event focuses upon Progress and Diversity in Renewable Energy.
Confirmed speakers include Prof Sir Tom Blundell, Chairman of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution and 14 Chief Executives or Managing Directors of Renewable Energy players, including Powergen, The Carbon Trust, Arbuthnot Securities, Energos ASA (Norway), Garrad Hassan Partners and Eco2.
The format will have typical "RPA style", with punchy delivery, no corporate adverts and a concentration on the issues, not the waffle. In 2003 it is proposed to have some structured debates, and the usual grilling by an experienced broadcaster, of the alleged agenda of government. "We also don't forget to inject an appropriate degree of humour", says Philip Wolfe. RPA members receive substantial discounts on both the conference and exhibition space. Please see link to IIR website for more information. If you have an enquiry please contact Natasha Gledhill on 020 7344 3884.

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