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New Planning Guidance for Renwable Energy Published for Consultation
Submitted: 5 November 2003
PPG22 at last has been updated and the new PPS22 is out for consultation. The RPA has had a big influence on this document, and many of the points we have made have been incorporated. In particular, the shift away from "areas of search" to criteria based policies has been down in large part to the RPA Planning Committees work. In short we can see many of the arguments we put forward appearing in this new draft.

This document has been much delayed, as you will be aware. Fortunately IT HAS COME OUT IN TIME for our RPA PLANNING CONFERENCE on 19th NOVEMBER. So book a place now if you have not done so already. For a programme and registration form see the link below.

David Wilkes of ODPM will be speaking at this event, so this will be an early opportunity to hear more about the document and give your feedback.

The recommendations of the Renewable Energy Planning Panel will also be revealed at his event. The Panel was set up in February this year to analyse the planning policy issues for renewable energy raised by the Energy white paper and the revision of PPG22. The group, chaired by Dr Catherine Mitchell of Warwick Business School, brought together a broad group of stakeholders involved in renewable energy and spatial planning.

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Programme and registration form
Programme and registration form
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