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EnergyOcean 2004
Submitted: 28 June 2004
On June 28-29, 2004, the first international conference & exposition on renewable ocean energy will be held in Palm Beach, Florida
Sponsored in part by Ocean News & Technology magazine, the conference will begin an annual event that will focus on the activities offshore to develop sustainable energy sources for the future of our civilization. It is well-known hat the US is only now beginning to place importance on sustainable and renewable energy sources on and around its own shores.
The goal of the event is to put US technologists and scientists together with the international experience and marketplace. Companies involved in Offshore Wind Power, Tidal and Current Power, Wave Power, Thermoelectric, Solar Power, Hydrates and Bio Mass Energy, will want to attend this conference. The conference will be attended by government officials, oil companies, and technology firms from around the world.
EnergyOcean 2004 is pleased to announce Philippe Pierre Cousteau as our Guest Speaker. Philippe, third-generation of the famous family and son of the late Philippe Cousteau, Sr. is a spokesman for ocean exploration, ecological awareness, environmental change and sustainable renewable energy, will present a thought-provoking and forward-looking talk on a sustainable future. The future of humanity is extricably tied to the future of our planet. Philippe’s foundation is working “to inspire a sense of stewardship for our planet and create an environmentally sustainable future”. His goal is to “create new technological and ideological methods to help implement solutions and lessen the worldwide degradation of our planet’s resources.”

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Full details of the conference can be found at the following website.

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EnergyOcean 2004 Programme
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