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10 points to note about gasification and pyrolysis
Submitted: 12 March 2004
Gasification and pyrolysis are “advanced thermal technologies” and when used to generate renewable electricity from muncipal solid waste, the generator is awarded ROCs. Other energy from waste plants that do not use these technologies, do not get ROCs for their output.

RPA member Compact power argues that gasification and pyrolysis

  • is not incineration by another name
  • it is proven working technology - AVAILABLE NOW!
  • it enjoys low emissions
  • it does not prevent recycling and reuse of waste
  • it is a cleaner and better means of managing residual and hazardous waste than landfill
  • it counteracts common planning objections, through having low visual impact, meeting the "proximity principle" and having a small footprint
  • it is an ideal source of CHP at small and medium scale, and "off grid" power
  • it is quick and easy to construct
  • it is economically competitive with other RE technologies and more versatile than most, and finally
  • it Provides constant, predictable, reliable RE
For more information, visit Compact Power website

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