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RPA’s Best Ever Annual Conference- 16th September 2004
Submitted: 17 September 2004
The RPA’s Annual Conference on 16th September at the Natural History Museum was a huge success with over 150 delegates taking part in the lively panel discussions throughout the day. The BBC1 Politics Show on Sunday 19 September will be focussing on Energy and the Environment and will be featuring parts of the conference proceedings including an interview with Philip Wolfe.
The RPA was delighted with the quality of attendance at the conference with many of the senior strategy-makers of the renewables industry being present. This high level of interest was reflected in the quality of the questions and debates.
The feedback from the whole event was extremely positive, in particular to the standard of the presentations and debates. Please find below some of the encouraging comments received from the delegates:
  • “Good balance of presentation/ debate/ time to talk”
  • “High level representation from Government”
  • “Quality Panellists”
  • “Short panel discussions kept focus and interest throughout the day”
  • “Limiting speakers to 4 minutes was very effective both from a delivery and audience reception point”
  • “Informed debate”
  • “Venue and networking”
  • “Diversity of perspectives”
  • “Senior panellists added to value of discussion”
  • “Very stimulating discussions”
  • “Quality of speakers”
The PowerPoint presentations and photographs from the conference will be loaded onto the website early next week.

If you have any questions regarding the Annual Conference, please contact Lucy Theaker, the RPA Events Coordinator, on Tel: 020 7747 1841.

 Associated File(s)
Claire Durkin PowerPoint presentation (pdf format)
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Fiona Joyce PowerPoint presentation (pdf format)
Fiona Joyce.pdf Download Acrobat ReaderDownload Acrobat Reader 
Fred Dinning PowerPoint presentation (pdf format)
Fred Dinning.pdf Download Acrobat ReaderDownload Acrobat Reader 
Guy Turner PowerPoint presentation (pdf format)
Guy Turner.pdf Download Acrobat ReaderDownload Acrobat Reader 
Philip Wolfe's presentation
Wolfe Speech.pdf Download Acrobat ReaderDownload Acrobat Reader 
RPA Annual Conference Programme, Registration Form and directions (pdf format)
RPA Annual Conference Programme(23).pdf Download Acrobat ReaderDownload Acrobat Reader 

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