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Revised Planning Policy Statement 22 (PPS22): Renewable Energy
Submitted: 10 August 2004
Renewable energy will play a vital role in creating the sustainable communities of the future, Minister for Planning Keith Hill said today.

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister today published Planning Policy Statement 22 (PPS22): Renewable Energy to set out the Government's planning policies in respect of the development of renewable energy resources in England.

Minister for Planning Keith Hill said:"The increased development of renewable energy resources is vital to ensure the delivery of the Government's commitments to reduce CO2 emissions and combat climate change as set out in the Energy White Paper. The publication of PPS22 is a positive and significant step towards allowing the delivery of more renewable energy developments and so meeting those commitments.

"Our communities will only be truly sustainable if their energy needs are met from renewable sources. That is why we have included new policies within PPS22 to allow local planning authorities to set requirements for renewable energy in new buildings, as well as policies on the encouragement of small scale renewable resources in existing development - in both urban and rural areas."

In particular, PPS22 makes clear:
  • that the Government believes that renewable energy developments are capable of being accommodated throughout England where the technology is viable and environmental, social and economic impacts can be addressed in a satisfactory manner;
  • that regional and local plans should contain policies designed to promote and encourage, rather than restrict, the development of renewable energy resources;
  • that targets for renewable energy generation should be set out in regional spatial strategies, as indicated in the Energy White Paper;
  • that local planning authorities should set criteria in their plans against which planning applications for renewable energy projects will be judged rather than identifying any specific locations suitable for certain types of development;
  • that planning authorities may set policies in their plans that require a percentage of the energy to be used in new developments to come from on-site renewable energy, and
  • that proposals for renewable energy developments need to be considered carefully in areas on national and international importance for landscape and nature conservation/wildlife, and should only be granted planning permission where the criteria set out in PPS22, other guidance and legislation are met.
Keith Hill added:"Although wind energy is expected to make a significant contribution to meeting our 10% renewable energy target by 2010, these policies will apply equally to all other renewable energy technologies, such as energy from solar resources, biomass, wave and tidal technologies and energy crops. The development of a broad range of renewable energy resources is vital in our fight against global warming and climate change.

"PPS22 ensures continued protection for our most valued landscapes, such as national parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. But we must also recognise that some small-scale renewable energy developments will be capable of being accommodated in such areas - such as solar panels on buildings - without serious environmental impact."

Notes to Editors

PPS22 was issued for public consultation from 5 November 2003 - 30 January 2004, is the second in a series of shorter, sharper Planning Policy Statements, setting out the Government's key planning policies at a national level. It will replace PPG22 issued in 1993.

The companion guide to the PPS, which will include the technology annexes as well as a range of good practice guidance, will be published within 2 months.

The companion guide will contain chapters on regional and local planning policy issues, development control and renewable energy in the built environment. It will also set out factors that make a "good" renewable energy application, how best to assess cumulative, landscape and visual effects, deal with community involvement, include examples of good practice where appropriate and technical annexes for each renewable technology.

Planning Policy Statement 22: Renewable Energy is available online at:

It is also available from The Stationery Office; TSO, PO Box 29, Norwich, NR3 1GN, tel 0870 600 5522, fax 0870 600 5533, textphone 0870 240 3701, or e-mail:

The Energy White Paper is available online at:

Public Enquiries: 020 7944 4400

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Website:

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