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Planning and Renewables : Implications for meeting the targets
Submitted: 21 August 2002
Gaynor Hartnell, for Confederation of Renewable Energy Associations.
Paper presented at CREA conference “Regional Planning Targets: rationale, progress and practical implementation” IMechE, 1 Birdcage Walk, London, 22nd March 2001.
ABSTRACT: Obtaining planning permission is the key barrier to the deployment of renewables at the present time. Unless rapid action is taken to improve the planning prospects for NFFO projects the 5% target will not be reached. There is evidence to suggest that the momentum of deployment has slowed significantly, and many key players in the industry are now focussing attention on developing projects overseas. This could result in a lack of critical mass within the industry, with knock on effects on the Renewables Obligation and the 10% target. The extent of the problem is played down by selective use of NFFO planning statistics. The statistic of 89% of planning determinations going in favour of renewables, although true, is particularly misleading. This paper presents a critique of that statistic, as well as a more detailed analysis of the impact of planning on renewables deployment.
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