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Why you should join

The RPA and why you should join

The RPA is a trade association representing producers of renewable energy, across the whole spectrum of technologies, including biomass, solar, wind, biogas, hydropower, landfill gas, energy-from-waste, wave and tidal power.

Principles of the RPA

The Renewable Power Association’s primary purpose is to promote UK renewable energy.

At a time when this industry needs to achieve explosive growth to achieve the UK’s targets, the RPA provides a unified voice for UK sustainable energy, enabling the renewables community to present a co-ordinated, rather than fragmented, view to the media, the public and governmental bodies.

The Association’s activities, detailed further below, are designed to provide benefits to members far in excess of the cost of membership. The Association also provides analysis, networking opportunities, communication and focused information to its members.

The RPA approach

The Association’s vision is that in the future most or all of the nation’s energy will come from sustainable sources. It supports diversity of supply, rather than single-technology advocacy, to enhance energy security.

The RPA is committed to open communication and debate, and publishes all its proceedings. We do not avoid controversy, and where disagreement exists between technologies or amongst members, we seek to resolve these internally, identifying where relevant, majority and minority views or conflicts of interest.


The Association is directed by a Board elected by the membership and has a small full-time executive. The Board also establishes sub-committees on topics, which need additional focus (such as planning).

We have also established a network of Resource Groups to focus on the technology-specific issues of individual renewable energy sources, as described in a separate sheet. Members may join any resource groups they consider appropriate.

Strategy development, Government advice and lobbying

The RPA has published and continues to develop the Renewables Routemap, highlighting the potential for UK renewables and the policy measures needed to maximise achievement.

We are active in responding on behalf of members to many consultations by the Government and others, as can be seen on our website. Since its launch the RPA has been invited to give oral evidence at all relevant parliamentary Select Committee enquiries. The RPA also has representation on various industrial and governmental bodies on renewables.

Conference and events

The RPA’s annual conference has already become one of the ‘must-be-there’ events in the renewables calendar, with high profile contributors and a highly participative structure. We concentrate on audience involvement, debate and even humour, with formal lecture-style presentations kept to a minimum.We organise the WATTS wave and tidal technology symposium, which showcases worldwide expertise in offshore ‘wet’ renewables. The Association also arranges a number of more specific events throughout the year about topics of relevance. Again, see the website for further details.

Information and public relations

The RPA Renewables Yearbook, published in the summer, gives the key data about renewable energy capacity and generation in the UK, with breakdowns by technology and region. It also shows relevant legislation changes, performance against the Renewables Obligation, and even a glossary of the many buzzwords and acronyms.

The Association produces regular newsletters about relevant developments in the industry, legislative issues, events, networking opportunities and much other valuable information. All members receive updates about matters of general relevance to the industry, while resource groups handle informational of sub-sectoral interest.

The press frequently refers to the RPA, as the voice for the renewable industry.

Your organisation

The RPA has established a broad-based organisation and become recognised as a real contributor to the sector. We give top priority to service provision commensurate with a low cost base and the overall purpose of the organisation.

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