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The British Renewable Energy Awards 2006
Honouring outstanding achievements in the British renewable energy sector

The first ever awards ceremony was held on the 22nd June at the Natural History Museum. This was a marvellous event, presented by the popular naturalist and comedian Bill Oddie. We are very proud to announce that winners have been chosen in the following categories:

  • The British Renewable Energy Pioneer

  • A housing developer, vehicle fleet operator, local authority or any organisation outsidethe sustainable energy industry, pioneering the use of renewable fuels, heat or power

    The winner is: Somerset Biofuels Project. This is a joint project between Somerset County Council, Avon and Somerset Constabulary, Green Spirit Fuels and others to adopt flex-fuel vehicles for the police and other public services and to install the infrastructure to provide transport bio-fuels for them.Below: Mike Fackrell of Somerset Biofuels Project, Kristina Freris of npower and Bill Oddie

    There are two highly commended runners up- Cooperative Financial Services, which promotes green energy to its customers, has a carbon offset feature in its mortgages, and has the UK’s largest building-integrated solar and wind power system on its head office; and Kirklees Council, who have installed solar panels on over 500 properties

  • Innovation

  • Any innovative new renewable energy device, production facility, project or application

    The winner is: Solarcentury, for its C21 solar roof tile system. These innovative products integrate directly with standard roofing tiles, and generate electricity and hot water. Below: Peter Shortt of the Carbon Trust and Jeremy Leggett of Solarcentury

    The runner up is The GenAVC system from Econnect, which actively manages distribution systems to enhance their acceptance of embedded renewable generation.

  • Advocate

  • The NGO, campaign, publication or association that has done most to enhance awareness of renewables in the public and/or key opinion formers

    The winner is: WWF for their One Million Sustainable Homes campaign. Below: Joanne Wheeler of WWF and Dan Rigden, ReNews

    The runner-up is the Juice Fund from npower, which provides customers with green power at no premium and devotes a part of the income to new renewable projects.

  • Region

  • Initiative or policy by local authorities or regional agencies to encourage the take-up of renewable energy in a specific region of the UK

    The winner is: Merton Council, which adopted a radical renewable energy policy, now replicated by dozens of others, to require a minimum level of onsite renewable energy generation in new developments. Below: Adrian Hewitt of Merton and Andrew Lee of Sharp

    The runner up is Regen South West, for a wide range of initiatives, including the South West Wind Protocol and the Wave Hub.

  • Company

  • The industry participant, which has done most to advance UK renewables

    The winner is: npower renewables, which develops on- and off-shore wind, hydro, marine and biomass co-firing schemes. Below: Derek Goodban of Wragge and Kevin McCullough of npower Renewables

    The two runners up are Wind Prospect Group, now also establishing a business in marine renewables; and Renewable Energy Systems Group (RES), with activities in an increasingly broad portfolio of renewable technologies.

  • Champion

  • An executive, academic, minister, civil servant, consultant or other individual, who deserves recognition in the sector

    The winner is: Dr Ian Mays, a pioneer of wind energy technology and an advocate of sustainable energy policy. He has led Renewable Energy Systems Group (RES) to become one of the world’s leading wind energy companies, a British success story in a fast-growing market. He has also, through the company’s award-winning zero-emissions office, demonstrated the potential for a range of buildings-integrated renewable energy technologies. Below: Malcolm Wicks MP, Energy Minister, Bill Oddie and Dr Ian Mays

    There was also a special recognition for the late Dr Robert Rippengal, who tragically died earlier this year . Robert played a critical role in kindling interest in wood heating to the point where the biomass sector is now a significant player in the UK renewables industry. His knowledge, enthusiasm and integrity will be greatly missed.

    (The final 'champion' category covers achievement over the years. The other awards will in future apply to the previous year, but for this inaugural event, nominees may include achievements during the period since 2003.)

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