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Advanced Plasma Power
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Overview Advanced Plasma Power (APP) emerged from Tetronics Limited in November 2005 to commercialise the Gasplasma process worldwide. The Gasplasma process is an exciting new advanced thermal technology for the conversion of municipal and commercial waste into energy (heat and power) at a local level. It offers the opportunity to divert significant volumes of biodegradable (and non-recyclable) waste from landfill for use as a fuel in power generation. The patented process combines three proven technologies fluid bed gasification, plasma treatment and power generation from gas engines. While each of these technologies has been widely deployed on its own, our breakthrough development has been to use them in combination to produce a clean synthetic gas which is capable of being used directly in gas engines. The process has undergone extensive and successful technical validation by leading independent engineering consultants, Fichtner. The benefits of the Gasplasma process include: high energy conversion efficiency and heat recovery at a local level; low visual impact; recovery of recyclables; ROC eligibility for power derived from biomass and very low levels of residual waste (approx. 1%). For more information visit
    Mercury House, Triton Court
    14 Finsbury Square
    EC2A 1BR
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Name Mr Rolf Stein
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Phone +44 (20) 7374 6335
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