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 UKHA propose UK showcase for green hydrogen at 2012 Olympic games Submitted: 3 June 2008
Commercialisation of hydrogen power must be addressed says UKHA – and proposes UK showcase for green hydrogen at 2012 Olympic games ...
 BWEA and REA Issue Joint Statement on RO and Renewable Energy Tariff Submitted: 2 June 2008
The Renewable Energy Association and British Wind Energy Association have issued a joint statement underlining their continued support for the RO, while underlining its limitations in stimulating wide ...
 UK Marine Renewables Energy Resource Atlas launched Submitted: 28 May 2008
A project lead by ABP Marine Environmental Research (ABPmer) and the providers of major marine-data holdings (Met Office and Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (POL)) has taken the existing UK Marine ...
 World first tidal turbine ‘Seagen’ installed Submitted: 20 May 2008
The Worlds first soon-to-be-grid-connected tidal turbine, ‘Seagen’ has now been properly deployed in Strangford Lough, with the foundations safely pinned to the seabed. ...
 Draft Marine Bill reveals disconnection between project consent and energy delivery Submitted: 16 May 2008
The Renewable Energy Association welcomes the draft Marine Bill and the associated opportunity to streamline the consenting process for offshore renewable energy developments and coordinate the divers ...
  Clare Wenner at the FO Lichts World Biofuels Conference (Seville) Submitted: 15 May 2008
Clare Wenner gave a presentation to the FO Lichts World Biofuels Conference (Seville 13-15 May) ...
 Record Labour Rebellion for Renewables Submitted: 1 May 2008
The government yesterday had to whip Labour MPs to return from campaigning in their constituencies to vote against a crucial measure for renewable energy. ...
 Pop singers to top academics urge MP’s to act on Wednesday on REA & FOE campaign Submitted: 29 April 2008
The REA and Friends of the Earth campaign for a UK feed-in tariff has attracted unprecedented levels of support including from unions, farmers, house-builders and academics before Wednesday’s Common’s ...
Home builders and renewable industry call for German style reward tariff to encourage green installation and boost jobs ...
 Clare Wenners Presentation to PRASEG Submitted: 28 April 2008
Clare Wenner spoke at a PRASEG event in Parliament on 28 April. ...
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