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 Digestate Standard & Waste Protocol Development Submitted: 1 May 2012
Please find the latest developments and documents below. ...
 Methodology for DUoS charging Submitted: 14 May 2008
Delivering the electricity distribution structure of charges ...
 Ofgem - Env. issues and code objectives - open letter consultation Submitted: 30 April 2008
Ofgem open letter consultation ...
 The Renewable Energy Directive and Biofuels Submitted: 28 April 2008
Please find below the RTFG’s position paper on the biofuels part of the Renewable Energy Directive. ...
 Renewable Energy Tariff Briefing Submitted: 17 April 2008
2008 Energy Bill; Renewable Energy Tariff (RET), New Clause 4 ...
 Renewable Fuels Agency report into indirect impacts of Biofuels Submitted: 14 April 2008
Please find below the REA’s submission to the Renewable Fuels Agency report into indirect impacts of Biofuels. ...
 Renewable energy equipment and on-site business rates Submitted: 11 April 2008
The REA is concerned that Government policy for increasing the contribution from on-site renewables generation stands to be undermined by how such equipment is treated under non-domestic rating policy ...
 REA response to Heat Call for Evidence consultation Submitted: 31 March 2008
Please find the REA response to BERR's Heat call for evidence below. ...
 Renewables Obligation Factsheet Submitted: 28 March 2008
The Renewables Obligation (RO) requires licensed electricity suppliers in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to source an increasing Proportion of electricity from renewable sources. ...
 Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation Factsheet Submitted: 28 March 2008
The Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RFTO) is a policy instrument that imposes an obligation on most transport fuel suppliers to source a specified percentage by volume of their fuel from renewabl ...
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