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PAC Renewables report has "tunnel vision"
Submitted: 14 September 2005
The renewable energy industry has called today's report of the Public Accounts Committee "depressingly one-dimensional". Philip Wolfe, Chief Executive of the Renewable Power Association said: "The committee has studied spending on renewable energy without assessing the scale of climate change, the problem we are addressing. It's a microscopic study of 'the trees' without even seeing 'the wood'."
"The reality is that current expenditure on renewables is miniscule alongside the damage already caused by climate change, let alone the thousands of billions we will have to spend if it is allowed to continue unabated."
The RPA was also critical of comments about several renewable technologies. "The committee seems to endorse opposition to wind power. It suggests eliminating support for landfill gas, and asks if support for biomass should continue. They forget that landfill gas and biomass currently provide the largest contribution to the country's Renewables Obligation," said Mr Wolfe.

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