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REAL Assurance Scheme
The REAL website is now live- visit

We have set up the scheme to help companies provide high-quality products and services to consumers. The Consumer Code, the centrepiece of the scheme, is aimed at all those companies that have contact with domestic, community and small-business consumers. Wherever appropriate, the Code must be used with two other important quality-assurance mechanisms that also form part of the scheme:

  • Installer accreditation standards for installers
  • Certification standards for products suitable for domestic, community and small-business use.
  • (Relevant installer accreditation and product certification standards are defined as those required by the Low Carbon Buildings Programme, the Clear Skies Programme and the EU

    The Consumer Code was officially launched by Malcolm Wicks MP, Energy Minister, on 14 June. The event took place at Renewable Energy Systems in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire.

    The final version of the Code is now available on . The main contact for management of the Code is .

    Membership of the Scheme
    The Scheme becomes effective from 1st July 2006 and is now open for membership applications. The application form can be downloaded.
    Membership is subject to acceptance by the Scheme and to the byelaws.
    All Renewable Energy Association members who sell or lease energy generators to domestic, community or small-business consumers must join the scheme, which is also open to those who are not members of the REA

    The REALity Check
    There is a copyright symbol for acceptance onto the Renewable Energy Assurance listings (which is why we call it the ‘REALity Check’). This may be used only by Scheme members and provides an assurance of quality to consumers.

    REALity Check holders agree to abide by the requirements of the Code. The Scheme is overseen by a panel representing a wide variety of stakeholders from within and outside the industry.

    The Consumer Code
    We are submitting the Code of Practice for approval by the Office of Fair Trading under their Consumer Code Accreditation Scheme. It considers all the primary factors that contribute to the overall customer service, including:

    • Details of the assurance the Code gives
    • Clear information on the systems proposed and their performance
    • Any preparatory arrangements for system installation and connection
    • The selection and quality of goods supplied
    • Details of the applicable terms of business
    • The timeliness and standard of any installation and other on-site works
    • Guarantees and any maintenance and after-sales services required
    • Prompt and transparent action in the case of any problems
    • Monitoring, rectification and continuous improvement of procedures
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