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Glossary of acronyms A to D
This glossary is reproduced from the RPA Renewables Yearbook 2004. If there are any terms that you cannot find below, . To order a hard copy of the RPA Renewables Yearbook 2004, contact Finn at the Office.

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Glossary O - Z
ACMMO The Association of Coal Mine methane Operators
AD Anaerobic digestion; the production of methane rich biogas from the process of decomposition in the absence of oxygen
ADL1; ADL2 Building Regulations Approved Documents L1 and L2 on conservation of fuel and power in dwellings (ADL1) and other buildings (ADL2)
AEP Association of Electricity Producers; trade association representing generators
Availability The percentage of the time that electricity generating plant is available to produce electricity (also see capacity factor)
BETTA The British Electricity Transmission and Trading Arrangements; due to be introduced in 2005, extending NETA to Scotland
Biogas Methane-rich gas produced by anaerobic digestion of biodegradable material, e.g. landfill gas and sewage gas
Biomass Renewable fuels derived from purpose grown energy crops and the biodegradable proportion of industrial, municipal, agricultural and forestry residues
BiPV Building-integrated photovoltaics
BHA The British Hydropower Association; trade association representing the hydroelectric power industry
BRE The (now privatised) Building Research Establishment
BSC The Balancing & Settlement Code; The governance of electricity dispatch and settlement in England & Wales (and Scotland following the introduction of BETTA)
BSUoS Balancing Services Use of System Charges; the means by which the TSO can recover the costs of balancing the system
Buy-out fund (of the RO) The fund derived from suppliers who ‘buy-out’ from their obligation to submit ROCs in respect of a proportion of their electricity sales
Buy-out fund recycling The redistribution of the buy-out fund back to the electricity suppliers in relation to their proportion of the total ROCs redeemed in that year
BWEA The British Wind Energy Association; trade association representing the wind energy industry
Capacity See Rated capacity and DNC
Capacity factor The ratio of the electrical energy produced by a generating unit relative to the electrical energy that could have been produced at continuous full-power operation during the same period
Carbon Trust A Government-funded organisation to promote carbon reduction in business and the public sector
CBM Coal Bed Methane; gas actively extracted from coal seams
CCA Climate Change Agreement; consumer contract to mitigate climate change impacts linked to concessions under the Climate Change Levy
CCL The Climate Change Levy
CDM Clean Development Mechanism; means whereby Parties not included in Annex I in of the Kyoto Protocol can achieve sustainable development and to assist Parties included in Annex I in achieving compliance
CH4 Methane
CHP Combined Heat & Power; the use of both heat and electrical power from a thermal power station
CHPA The Combined Heat and Power Association; trade association representing CHP operators and developers
CMM Coal Mine Methane; the gas continuously emitted by coal mines especially non-working mines
CO2 Carbon dioxide
Co-firing The burning of mixed fuels (typically refers to biomass with fossil fuel in a coal-fired power station)
CUSC Connection & Use of System Code; Governance arrangements for connection to the transmission system
CVA Metering Metering that is registered in the Central Volume Allocation system (typically larger generation and consumers at the ‘wholesale’ level). See also SVA metering
DC Data collector; agent responsible for obtaining metering data on behalf of the electricity supplier and preparing it for electricity settlement
DEFRA The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs of the UK Government
DETI The Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment of the UK Government in Northern Ireland; equivalent of DTI
DGCG The Distributed Generation Co-ordination Group; body advising Ofgem and the DTI on the effects of distributed generation on the UK electricity network
Disclosure The requirement (under the IEMD) on electricity suppliers to provide details to consumers of the fuel sources of the electricity they have purchased
Distributed generation Power generation embedded in (connected to) an electricity distribution network (as compared to centralised generation connected to the transmission network)
Distribution Code The code of practice, which covers all major technical aspects relating to connections to, and the operation and use of, licensed distribution networks
Distribution network The network for electricity distribution at voltages below that of the transmission network
DNC Declared Net Capacity; a correction factor applied to the rated capacity of some intermittent generation sources to enable like-for-like comparisons with typical thermal plant capacity
DNOs Distribution Network Operators
DTI The Department of Trade and Industry of the UK Government
DUKES The Digest of UK Energy Statistics
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